Ticks are about

With the recent rain, the warm humid conditions are ideal for these dangerous little parasites.

Paralysis ticks inject a toxin that causes paralysis to pets and if left untreated can cause death. This can take only 24 hours after symptoms are present.

Symptoms include loss of coordination, change of voice, difficulty swallowing, inappetance, rapid shallow breaths, and of course presence of a tick!

If you find a tick on your pet you should remove it entirely (the head as well), pop it in a container and bring it to the vet with your pet.

The vets would then administer tick serum and monitor and nurse your pet closely.

The best way to avoid ticks is to use tick treatment as a preventative. We stock Bravecto for dogs and cats at our clinic. This is a spot-on (or chew for dogs) that can last from 3 months to 6 months which releases an ingredient which kills all present ticks within 24hrs, and quickly kills any other ticks that chose to inhabit your pet.

This gorgeous girl, Daphne, had a very long stay with us due to a paralysis tick. She sure can strike a glamour shot!