Mosquitoes - solving a mozzie problem on your pet

The first step in controlling a mosquito problem is to remove any unnecessary still water sources on your property. This will help lower mosquito reproduction and hopefully reduce their numbers locally.

Another potential aid is a mosquito repellent; two commonly used products are 'musca-ban' spray and 'fly repella' ointment - both should be used as directed on the packaging as required. Products like 'Aerogard' are toxic to many animals, including dogs and cats, and should be avoided at all times.

A monthly topical application can also be used to help deter mosquitoes and sandflies. The main caution with this product is that it shouldn't be used in households/ on properties where cats reside and it should never be used directly on cats; some ingredients in this product are toxic to them. When used appropriately on dogs, it can work very well at deterring mosquitoes and is a convenient alternative to repellants. Ask us for a recommendation that is suitable for your pet.