Cat Boarding

We have a well established boarding facility at Moss Vale Veterinary Hospital, exclusively for cats. Our cattery offers the best in boarding care. We are compassionate, enthusiastic and always strive to give your feline friends the most comfortable stay possible. We are a certified “calm clinic” and utilise Feliway Pheromone Diffusers throughout the clinic to help your feline companion feel as calm as possible throughout their stay with us.

What We Offer Your Cat

Our cattery guests have the opportunity to spend time outside in large, fully enclosed, sheltered exercise runs meaning exercise is guaranteed in all types of weather. These allow our multi-cat household companions to spend time together as well. We have multiple runs to keep our guests individually for their safety. For cats that are keen on the outdoors at home, these are a fantastic luxury for them to still have some “outside” time during their stay, whilst also being a safe and relaxing option for those who prefer to dwell indoors. These indoor dwellers will be closely monitored if they prefer to stay inside, and will be encouraged over time to venture into the exercise areas.

Your feline friends will have our company all day long in the busy rustle and bustle of the clinic, and our nurses love to spend their lunch break out in the exercise runs with your cats. On days we are closed, we come in twice daily to look after the cattery gusts in the morning and evening, spending time socialising with them as well.

We have full supplies of bedding and food for your feline friend, but if they are a creature of habit (or on a special diet), you are more than welcome to bring their own from home!

Daily Routine

Every morning before we commence the day treating patients, every cattery guest starts their day with a cuddle and health check. We monitor their food and water consumption, as well as behavioural and toileting habits. These are monitored throughout the day as well.

In quieter times, our cattery guests have access to the exercise runs for approximately six hours per week day, and approximately two hours on Saturday and Sunday. In busier times, the weekdays will be approximately two-three hours to give everyone a fair share of exercise time.

Overnight, we have roomy boarding enclosures where your cats can snuggle up to sleep, have access to their food and water, as well as use the bathroom. 

Fees and Surcharges

From $31 per day.
Our public holiday surcharge is $14 per public holiday, per guest.
Medication administration $2 per dose.

Check-in and Check-out Times

Monday – Friday 8:30am-5:30pm excluding public holidays
Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm ALTERNATE


The booking system updates in real-time so you know exactly what times are available.

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